this web site goal is to increase public awareness to the possible health risks that exists is mobile phones usage .

many think mobile phones are 100% safe but this is not the case .

nu meres studies are popping out raising serious health concerns from cancer to Alzheimer .

sadly most people will not even consider this issue a problem since the risk is not 100% proven

and since no warning and restrictions have been issued  to the general public .

we are going to wait a few years until a decisive proof comes out .

in the mean time if you are concerned as i am i recommend using a head set

preferably an air tube one .

or use the cell phone speaker keeping it away from your body .

Consider using sms rather than talking

Buy a wireless device with lower SAR

a free sorted search-able database  of US  cell phone radiation level can be found on

If possible, keep wireless devices away from your body when they are on, mainly by not putting them in pockets.